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This is our Free SEO Tips section, where we have included links to all of our SEO articles. We write often, so keep checking back. If you find a topic of interest, make sure to read the entire article. Unlike many SEO experts, we are not afraid of giving you all of the information we know, as the implementation is often the hardest part and that is where we excess.

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The truth about directory submission services and Google SEO is that while they may help in the short-term, as Google has time to analyze each link and their quality, most of these services will end up hurting your SEO efforts. Google over the last couple of years has begun to put a value on every incoming link to a site, so logic tells us that if the quality of those links to a site, or the topic is not relevant Google will not give added value to the site they point to. What is even worse is that incoming links from sites that are deemed bad, or carry negative points, can also take away points from the site they link to.

These guidelines now make us really be careful in where we create articles or links to our site, as the wrong links can actually have an adverse effect on any SEO efforts undertaken. Be sure to research the website that you will be creating links to your site on, since their standing can affect yours. Best practice in regards to this is to create juicy articles that point to your website, like on EzineArticles or other reputable article database websites. Try to only use sites that have some human checking of the articles as spelling and other similar factors can also have an effect on your SEO efforts.

Most important of all, don't try to take shortcuts. Hiring a third party directory submission service will undoubtedly have a negative effect on what you are trying to accomplish as most of these services only submit to directories that allow automatic submissions, and this is something that can quickly get you in trouble. So our advice is to stay away from directory submission services and do the work yourself, you will be able to control where and how your links are created.

This information will help you achieve Top 10 Google SEO Results.

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SEO Strategy & Results

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SEO Strategy and SEO Results vary from Search Engine to Search Engine, but we primarily specialize in providing Google SEO Strategies that deliver results across the board. An SEO Strategy is, in our opinion the most important part of any SEO efforts.

Think of an SEO Strategy like land-surveying before building a house. You have to make sure that you pick the right location or area for you home, then you must check to make sure the soil is the right type, building codes must be followed and everything must be tied together by the right contractor.

Well, an SEO Strategy is very much the same. You must do keyword research, make sure that the words you pick are actually in high enough demand to warrant an SEO effort. You would not build a home on quick sands, and you would not embark in Search Engine Optimization for keywords that only get 10 monthly searches.

Let us be your website contractor in helping you leverage all the elements of good SEO practices and provide you with the right Google SEO Strategy for you.
Clean HTML, an Important Part of Any SEO Strategy

An increasingly important element in SEO is quickly becoming clean HTML practices. You would not let a builder use mud instead of cement if building codes required it. Same in SEO, Google is quickly adding clean HTML as one of the ranking elements in their PageRank algorithm, the mathematical equation that generates website rankings.
The Right Strategy for Any SEO Effort

You need to get the right team behind your SEO project in order to achieve the high ranking you require for you web site, and keep your site at the top. There are so many elements that comprise a thorough SEO Strategy, that it may not be a task for the faint of heart. A deep understanding of how rankings are generated by Search Engines is the most important element in having a company provide you with the best advise to get your SEO Efforts on the right track.
Picking the Right Google SEO Company

If you simply require the best, most complete SEO Strategy to help guide you through the maze that has become Search Engine Optimization, you need to contact us [Google] today for a free seo quote.
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Our expert Google SEO services are targeted to getting you the best and fastest Google Ranking for your site. While the process of changing ranking typically can take some time, the benefits are long-lasting. Understanding the process as a customer makes you more in control in what to expect and when to expect results. We love providing our clients with an in-depth explanation of how SEO works for Google and why all the elements we manipulate affect the final result. No hidden tricks, ample communication and clear goals.
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Why Settle for Less?

Do not allow yourself to think that you can not attain the results you seek. While we never make unrealistic promises, we explain why our approach will get you the results you need. Most Google SEO specialists only provide partial true SEO efforts, we go the entire mile. Not only do we make sure that your web site has all the proper SEO elements best-liked by Google, but we go the extra mile. When beginning a project from scratch, we not only make sure you get our top optimization efforts, but readable, content rich and attractive web sites.

Do not settle for less. Contact us today so we can walk you through the right SEO process for you. Let us educate you on the art of SEO, and should you allow us to show you results, we are confident to deliver top results with the right long-term SEO strategy. While most Google SEO "experts" fail to keep you in the loop, we always over-deliver.
Balancing Element Densities

One of the trickiest tasks in providing customers with top Google SEO, is the know-how of how many elements of each type to use and where to put them. We have developed our own proprietary element balancing algorithm which continually proves to deliver top results. Many Google self-proclaimed experts seem to think that keyword density is the way to go, not understanding that Google has over 300 different elements that help deliver ranking results. Why most are out of the control of most humans; we have identified almost 200 elements that we in fact can affect. This is why we are quickly becoming the most well known name in Google SEO Services, and why we guarantee our results.
Why SEO Take Time

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As with any SEO efforts, time is essential. Unfortunately Search Engine Optimization is not something that happens overnight. Googlebot is always indexing web pages and while Google has much computer power behind their technology, the rate of internet growth is simply too vast for even the largest super computers. Specially when you take into consideration that for every page then web site, Google has to apply all the elements in their PageRank algorithm. Just image how many computer cycles each page takes, then the math to compute the ranking score, then do it again for every other page, and some more calculations later compare that to competing web sites based on similar keywords. The number quickly become mind boggling.
Google PageRank

Google early on, identified the need for a web page ranking system that would be democratic and unbiased. Larry Page the co-founder of Google, with the help of Sergey Brin, created the Google PageRank algorithm. This algorithm is nothing more that a comprehensive suite of mathematical equations giving value to factors like web site content importance and topic relationship. It also has many other ranking factors like how many links come in to a site, and the quality of those links in relationship to the topic of the site. Because PageRank employs so many different (unknown) variables, Google SEO is something that cannot be exacted by anyone outside of Google. We have identified over 200 different elements in the Google PageRank algorithm and are confident that we can put our years of expertise to work for you.

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